BRRI Hawkwatch: November 17, 2014 – Dragonflies and Bat Falcon!

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Today started out with migrants trying to get lift into a low cloud ceiling with little wind and no thermals at the BRRI Cattle Landing Hawkwatch, run by Belize Raptor Research Institute. Thousands of dragonflies were on site for the first few hours, which made it difficult to spot the few raptors that were attempting to head south (the swallows however, had … Read More

BRRI Hawkwatch: November 10, 2014

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Today was by far the best day at the Cattle Landing soccer field for hawk watching since I have arrived (site run by Belize Raptor Research Institute). We tallied fourteen species of raptors, including the latest migrant Mississippi Kites for Belize, and a high-flying light adult Swainson’s Hawk! Hook-billed Kites came through in large kettles of up to 24 birds … Read More

Short-tailed Hawks – Determining Age and Color Type

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The Short-tailed Hawk has one of most restricted ranges of any raptor in the ABA area – found only in the peninsula of Florida and rarely, in extreme southern Texas and southeastern Arizona. In Florida, they are found year-round in the southern third of the state and then expand north to the Gainesville area during the breeding season. Throughout that range, the … Read More