Whimbrel and 3 Avocets– Sept ’12, Somerset County, PA

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On September 4th after returning from out of town, my wife, Trish Miller, and I were birding our Somerset Lake route. One of our first stops is on the south side of the lake. As we scanned the south side I notice a large shorebird bathing on the far shore. I couldn’t make out much from that side, so we … Read More

More Montezuma shorebirds

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On Wednesday I met Steve Brenner for a couple hours of scanning the shorebird flocks at Knox-Marcellus Marsh in the Montezuma NWR. We met pretty early in the morning and passerines were moving around as we drove out Towpath Rd. The Bobolinks constantly flying overhead provided a nice audio background with their ever-present bink calls. We found a couple of warblers including … Read More

Twitchy Least Sandpiper settling in

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Andy McGann was walking around in the Susquehanna River when he captured this video of a Least Sandpiper in worn adult plumage settling down after a presumably long flight on its southbound migration. Watch it as it nervously walks around and then eventually settles in once its become more comfortable with its surroundings. Compare it to a video that Andy … Read More

Delaware Day Trip

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On August 12th Chad Kauffman, Andy McGann, Jason Weller, and I traveled down to Delaware to check out various shorebird hotspots as well as try to boost our personal Delaware state lists. There was also quite a bit of lifer potential for Jason which always makes a trip more fun because I love helping people see a species for the … Read More

Photo Study: Stilt Sandpiper @ Conejohela Flats

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Recently I posted about a morning I spent birding at Conejohela Flats in Lancaster County, which mentioned that I saw and photographed an adult Stilt Sandpiper. That morning I was incredibly lucky because the bird actually flew over and landed where I was already set up and taking pictures of some Black Terns. Lighting conditions were really in my favor … Read More

Conejohela Flats – Black Terns and Stilt Sandpiper

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This morning Ian Gardner and I took the short drive down to Conejohela Flats from Hershey. We arrived at 8:20am and kayaked around for 2.5 hours. The weather started off very windy with rough water on the river, and heavy cloud cover. Later in the morning, the wind died down and the sun came out. The water level in the area … Read More

Shorebird season! The mostly peep quiz

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It’s that time of year again. Shorebirds are starting to filter south as the breeding season completes. These adults look different than they did in the spring, and some of them can be downright confusing. Here is a quiz to test your skills at shorebird ID. Photos were all taken by Alex Lamoreaux. [mtouchquiz 2]

Slow Summer Birding…..

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The past few weeks birding has been pretty slow here in central Pennsylvania. Most of the breeding warbler species have stopped singing and are busy tending to their young and fall migration is just barely getting underway. It gets very hot by nine or ten in the morning and then activity stops altogether until around 8:30pm. Really the only thing … Read More

Stilt Sandpiper and Friends at Merritt Island NWR

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Anna and I visited Merritt Island NWR late in the afternoon on May 26th. Birding was relatively slow due to the time of day and because of how few migrants are around. We were able to find 32 species along the Black Point Wildlife Drive (eBird checklist), including a few FOY species for us – Least Terns, Gull-billed Terns, White-rumped … Read More