They can’t all spend the night..

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And so we learned with a recent saw-whet that we attempted to track. She was released from the banding station at around 10pm and we tracked her for several hours but by 3 am she was gone, presumably having flown to the south out of range of our equipment. This is a picture of Feist, another owl that left without … Read More

What does a saw-whet do at night?

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Well, let me tell you… We have now been tracking Isra for over 2 weeks now, with a lot of good data coming from our long nights at King’s Gap and in the Michaux State Forest. With the migration season in full swing for the owls, we are now starting to hear the strange barks and whines of the saw-whets … Read More

Fall Owl job

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A couple weeks ago I started at a new job as the field tech for the Northern Saw-whet Owl telemetry project run by the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art in central PA. So far most of the time has been spent training and waiting for the owls to begin migrating thru our area. Due to several factors including … Read More