BESP: Northern Shrike, etc

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This morning was the State College Bird Club’s annual field trip to Bald Eagle State Park, led by Bob Snyder. About 20 of us met at the McDonalds in Milesburg, and then carpooled over to the state park. Our first stop was Lower Greens where there wasn’t much activity besides a few Common Mergansers. Next we drove around to the … Read More

Allegheny Front Big Sit – 2011

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This past Sunday, I held a Big Sit at the Allegheny Front Hawk Watch for the second year in a row. The Big Sit is an all-day birding event promoted by Bird Watcher’s Digest. The idea is to pick out a 17 foot diameter circle, and stay in it all day, counting as many species of birds as you can … Read More

Campus Red-tail

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The PSU campus has at least two pairs of Red-tailed Hawks that call it home and terrorize the thousands of squirrels and chipmunks that also live here. Everyday, one adult Red-tailed Hawks perches on the large stadium lights that surround the outdoor pool, which is right behind my apartment. Today, when I was walking back from class the Red-tail was … Read More

Jo Hays Vista – 574 Migrant Raptors!

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Today we had 574 raptors migrant past Jo Hays Vista, the biggest one-day count during the fall ever at JHV. The flight was dominated by Broad-winged Hawks, but seven other species of migrant raptor also made appearances. Most of the birds were either really high up or really far out to the north. Although, almost all of the kestrels flew … Read More

Attack of the Zombie-Hawks!

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There isnt really an attack of zombie-hawks here in Idaho….but if you look at the following pictures, you might think there is. Often while I am photographing raptors, I take a shot right when the bird happens to be closing its nictitating membrane across their eye. This transparent eyelid is present on all birds, but is especially useful to raptors in order to … Read More

Snake River Raptors

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On Sunday, Alex and I had the day off and decided to head to Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, about 10 miles south of the town of Kuna, Idaho.  Running along 81 miles of the Snake River, the area is known for high populations of ground squirrels, jack rabbits, and badgers, making the Snake River Canyon and … Read More

Buteos in Nebraska

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For spring break, I headed to central Nebraska with several friends to attend a conference hosted by three ornithological societies. We weren’t entirely thrilled to be trading cold Pennsylvania weather for equally cold and snowy Nebraska weather but at least the waterfowl and crane migration was supposed to be a spectacle worth seeing. I didn’t get any photos since I … Read More

Local birding

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Just a few photos from birding around State College and showing Chad some of the local spots. Our best birds of the day were two Lapland Longspurs but they were too far out to get any good photos.

Snow hawks

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This past weekend I was down in Lancaster County where there was a fresh covering of snow on the fields. The new snow on the ground provided excellent opportunities for photographing raptors as the reflection off of the snow lit up the undersides of the hawks. I took these photos near Wakefield in southern Lancaster County while I was out … Read More

Raptors, Meadowlarks, and a Partial Albino Crow!

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This afternoon I once again went out and drove around some farm roads in Hershey, PA to take photos of raptors and figure out some of their territories. I was able to find 7 different Red-tailed Hawks, 1 Northern Harrier, and 4 different American Kestrels as well as many Turkey Vultures and some Black Vultures. There were two areas that had a pair … Read More