Ohio fallout potential

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North winds continue to give migrants in the east problems, but the real interesting event last night is the line of storms that passed through Ohio last night. Ohio lit up with migrants early in the evening and migration seemed strong even while the storms were passing through in the early morning hours. These conditions of storms passing through during … Read More

North winds continue, south blocking gone

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This is getting repetitive but the story is pretty much the same as yesterday, north winds over the northeast kept migration to a minimum. However, there were no storms to the south that had previously been blocking almost all movement. North winds were light for the second half of the night across much of the region so it surprises me … Read More

North winds still holding back migrants

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Story is pretty much the same as yesterday, north winds over the northeast kept migration to a minimum and storms to our south blocked birds from advancing. Long term forecasts show north winds dominating over the next week so this may be a slow time of migration. Ohio may experience some SE winds Saturday night into Sunday so that will … Read More

North winds keep birds down

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Last night– Migration was slow across much of Pennsylvania and the surrounding states last night, likely due to the north winds that persisted through the night across the region. The north winds weren’t particularly strong, but another contributing factor was the line of storms to our south, blocking any northward movement into the area. Expect some birds to still move into … Read More

Migration update for March 24 – central PA fallout conditions?

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Looking at the late evening radar last night you can see that birds are on the move across much of the northeast. A large storm is also working its way through the region which appears to be hitting central PA at about the right time to bring down some birds as they avoid migrating through the rain once they hit … Read More

Migration update for March 18

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Migration was good last night with a lot of birds showing up on the radar throughout the night. With the relatively calm winds, I would expect new arrivals to be spread across the landscape. Be on the lookout for Eastern Towhee and Eastern Phoebe anywhere you would expect those species to show up. Tree Swallows should also be showing up … Read More

Migration kicking in full gear

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A quick glance at the radar shows that all kinds of migration is happening now. A cold front passed through today after an extended period of mediocre migration so this is completely expected. In the video below you can see that the eastern seaboard is lighting up with birds heading south, encouraged by the colder temperatures and north winds. In … Read More

Fowl weather

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Yeah, its a bad pun, but this weather is looking pretty nasty and could bring us some good birds. With up to 3 inches of rain heading our way and possibly some snow as well, hopefully there will be some rafts of ducks at Bald Eagle State Park that decide this is not the weather to attempt flying in. I … Read More

Migration tonight

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It looks like migration could be pretty strong tonight, check out the radar image below. *update* I went out and did some moon-watching thanks to the post that Woodcreeper put on the Jersey listserv concluding the same thing I did; there was substantial migration going on. I counted 60 birds crossing the moon in 16 minutes which is the highest … Read More