Gotta Atlas ‘Em All!

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The long-awaited Third New York Breeding Bird Atlas officially kicked off at the start of 2020. Last year, for obvious reasons, it was difficult to engage in as much exploration as I would’ve liked. My reduced vehicle access and the various travel restrictions made it difficult for me to venture beyond NYC for much of the breeding season. Even though … Read More

HundredQuest: Global Big Day 2021

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It’s finally May, and May means migration! There is no single month that can top the action and excitement of peak spring birding here in New York. This mad dash to the breeding grounds is the most intense time of the year for many species. As much as I adore fall migration, the southbound movement of birds is a more … Read More

Centre County Big Year 2012

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Every year, a few of the birders here in Centre County as well as myself, attempt to find as many bird species as we can within one year. Last year Drew Weber, Joe Verica, and Nate Fronk all broke the record for a Centre County Big Year! This will be my first full year birding in the county, so I … Read More