More Desert Shorebirding!

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This morning, Anna and I went to one of our cuckoo sites near Blythe that hadn’t been visited in a few weeks to see if there was any cuckoo activity there. We arrived at 5:00am and stayed for an hour and forty-five minutes, without hearing anything, so we left to go to Cibola NWR. Here Anna and I were planning … Read More

Ageing Peregrine Falcons in the Field

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The Peregrine Falcon is one of the most well-known birds on Earth. The general public knows this species because of its widespread population decrease followed by decades worth of reintroduction efforts that have brought this species back from the brink. They also know this species as the fastest bird on Earth. But until you actually get to see a Peregrine … Read More

First Few Days of Cuckoo Field Work

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Anna and I arrived in Blythe, California on the 14th and hit the ground running; the morning of the 15th we went to one of our most popular sites for cuckoos, the sites we call CVCA1 and CVCA 2 (CVCA = Cibola Valley Conservation Area). These sites border each other and create a rather large area of mass-planted willows and … Read More

Subadult Peregrine Falcon – Photo Study

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On the way home from work today, Anna and I spotted a Peregrine Falcon perched on a telephone pole along State Highway 78. As we drove up to what I had assumed was an adult falcon and began taking photos, I saw that the breast feathers and overall breast color pattern looked a little weird. Then I realized, the bird … Read More

Caracara Conflicts

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Everyday down here in Florida, Anna and I go out and search for Crested Caracaras. Our goal is to find adults copulating, nest building, or already on nests. We see loads of caracaras everyday, sometimes up to 20 or 30 at a time! Most are not on nests or breeding just yet and are just in groups foraging or heading … Read More

Florida Trip Update

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I have been super busy birding here in Florida and helping Anna Fasoli with her Crested Caracara surveys so I dont really have much time to post. All of the photos I have taken so far can be seen at a Picasa Web Album I created for the trip at this link so I hope those can hold everyone over … Read More