Pelagic Magic at Jaegerfest

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Parasitic Jaeger

Different varieties of birds hit the spot for different birders. There’s that excitement of warbler-watching along the woodlands and thickets during migration… the flurry of life and plethora of complex call notes and call notes. In the spring and summer, these birds wow us with their plumage, and in the fall they seem to migrate by while on a long-distance … Read More

Jaeger Weekend

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I think it is pretty safe to say that most birders understand the thrill of seeing a jaeger, either from a firsthand experience or from hearing about these bird’s uncanny ability to steal the show in any situation. Multiple times this past weekend I was reminded not only of how impressive jaegers are, but also how amusingly difficult it can … Read More

The Thrill of Jaeger-watching

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The spectrum of birding is vast and amazing. Depending on where we live, a select variety of birds can be found locally, and within certain travels of where we live. Right now birds are migrating in full-force. The colorful flurry of warblers have molted into drab plumage, which helps them stay camouflaged during the fall and winter months. Common Nighthawks … Read More

Hurricane Sandy storm-birding at West Fairview, PA: Northern Gannet, Leach’s Storm-Petrel, etc

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Tuesday was a busy day for us here at With Hurricane Sandy moving through the state Anna Fasoli, Josh Lefever, Ian Gardner, Michael David, and I spent most of the morning at Bald Eagle SP searching for storm birds. Read about our success at this link. A little before noon, we decided we had to give up on Bald … Read More

Parasitic Jaegers – Daytona Beach Shores

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While scanning through the incredibly massive gull flock at Daytona Beach Shores with Anna recently, we were fortunate enough to see multiple Parasitic Jaegers come in and take advantage of all the gulls in the area. The jaegers were lured in with all the commotion the gulls were causing, both on the beach and over the water. Every few minutes, … Read More

Common Gulls and Terns of South Africa

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I have been spending a lot of time on the coast of South Africa and so have managed to find two species of gull, six species of tern, and one species of jaeger in the past 6 weeks. It is sort of surprising to me how limited the number of gulls here is, but at least there has been a … Read More