Life in Queens: A New Patch

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My recent move from Nassau to Queens was one of the final big events in a very eventful 2019. A few months out, I’d consider myself comfortably settled in, and the pros certainly outnumber the cons so far. Somewhere in between “notably shorter, easier commute” and “return to reliance on laundromats” on the Cool-to-Lame Scale lie the changes to my … Read More

Too many rarities and *barely* enough time

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Chasing Florida State Vagrants in January 2020 Birding has many facets, as many of us know. It gets us outside, exploring new and fascinating places we wouldn’t normally visit. It connects us with people we may never interact with otherwise. But one part of the hobby that really drew me in nearly 11 years ago and continues to do so … Read More

2019 Top 10 Birding Highlights

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Like many nature-based bloggers, I enjoy closing each year with a retrospective highlight reel. Ever since 2016, this personal countdown has taken the form of a Top 10 Lifers post, detailing the best new species I tallied during the preceding months. 2019, however, has been the undisputed biggest year of my life thus far. A pair of long-awaited dream trips … Read More

Snow Day Rarities at Cape May Pt

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After a successful walk around Cape May Pt SP, where we saw a Northern Goshawk and Orange-crowned Warbler among many other cool (literally) birds, we took another pass by Lily Lake hoping to find one of the Eurasian Wigeon that roam the point. A large flock of geese and other ducks had gathered at the west end so we parked … Read More

Painted Bunting and Yellow-headed Blackbirds! – Lancaster County, PA

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This morning Drew Weber and I met up along Water St in Lancaster County, to search for the immature male Painted Bunting that was first discovered by Justin Bosler on the Lancaster CBC. Drew and I spent only 35 minutes searching for the bird, without success before deciding to drive around some farmland and see if we could find some … Read More

Painted Bunting – Washington Boro

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This morning Justin Bosler located an immature male Painted Bunting in Washington Boro, Lancaster County. Tom Amico arrived at about 12:15pm and managed several photos of the bunting which are below. For updates, check the listserv. According to Dick Cleary, the bunting was refound at 2:00 and again at 2:15 in the brush between route 441 and the railroad tracks … Read More

Painted Buntings Ready to Head North

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A few weeks ago, a male Painted Bunting got stuck in a shed behind my house on the ranch. It came through an open window, but could not get out, and likely would have roasted to death in the stuffy building. He was easily picked up on a window sill, and we kept him for a few minutes to snap … Read More