Apartment Birding and Fire Escapism

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When I first moved into my Astoria apartment in early December, I immediately began keeping a “yard list” of birds seen around my new home. My expectations for the potential of this urbanized neighborhood weren’t particularly high, but I reasoned that watching for birds of note outside my window would be a fun way to pass the time between proper … Read More

Harris’s Sparrow and ‘Gambel’s’ White-crowned Sparrow

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Arlene Koch’s famous backyard habitat near Easton, PA which has lured in countless uncommon, unusual, and rare birds over the years is currently hosting a first winter Harris’s Sparrow as well as an adult ‘Gambel’s’ White-crowned Sparrow! I was able to make a quick stop by her house this past Sunday and was happy to get great views of both … Read More

Bird Banding at Sunset Park

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Since the weather was so nice (also read: “freezing cold”), Emily Thomas decided to try banding this morning. There was quite a crowd there from the local bird club, but unfortunately we didn’t catch many birds. The species we captured included Northern Cardinals, Dark-eyed Juncos, White-throated Sparrow, and House Finches. Here are some photos from this morning: For more photos … Read More