Cold Weather Birding 1-15-11

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Today, Mark Markiewicz and I made a huge birding loop from Hershey, down to Lancaster County, then Berks County, then Lebanon County, and finally back to Hershey. We were trying to pick up as many of the interesting species of birds recently reported as possible. The first stop was along Hess Road near New Holland to see if any wintering … Read More


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This past weekend I was in Lancaster County and so I decided to look for a couple of the interesting birds that have been around southeastern PA. I started off Saturday at the Anna’s Hummingbird in Shartlesville, which I got to see take off from her night roost. For helping rehang the frozen feeders after they were thawed, I was … Read More

Greater White-fronted Geese and a Merlin

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This morning I decided to try and find a group of nine Greater White-fronted Geese that had been reported at a lake about an hour from my house. My friend Matt McElwee was willing to tag along for the ride, as long as we made a stop at a Farmer’s Market near Lancaster first. So we hit the rode by … Read More

Ontelaunee Black-backed Gulls

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Today was a good day for gulls at Ontelaunee. When I arrived there were several hundred circling around in the air, giving a shimmering effect when they banked and caught the sunlight just right. They almost gave the impression of snow. While they were getting their act together and collecting to a more impressive flock of 1600 or so, I … Read More

Foggy Birding at Lake Ontelaunee

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It was wonderfully foggy yesterday but I decided I wanted to see what the lake held before the fog lifted and everything flew off. Unfortunately, the fog was so thick that I could barely see anything on the lake. There was a good flock of Canada Geese with one young Snow Goose mixed in as well as a Red-breasted Merganser. … Read More