The 17th Year Feast

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Anyone who has stepped outside in New Jersey or eastern Pennsylvania this month has likely heard the cacophony of millions of periodical cicadas that have emerged from the ground and headed to the trees to breed. With their loud calls from the treetops, even a small chorus of these odd insects is enough to drown out birdsong. Luckily, this noisy … Read More

Winter Rarities at Cape May Point SP

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It isn’t much of a secret that Cape May Point State Park, at the southern tip of New Jersey, is one of the country’s top birding locations and rarity traps. Every winter something interesting turns up at the park and stays for a few days, weeks, or maybe even over-winters there. This winter, however, is totally off the charts! Besides … Read More

Emerging praying mantises

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[dc]T[/dc]oday we were tromping through the SCCCMA fields, doing a bird survey through the mixed agricultural fields, weedy areas and woods. While walking through some of the game commission fields, Justine happened upon a ootheca and called us over when she noticed that the praying mantises were emerging. I have never seen praying mantises quite as fresh as this batch, … Read More

Wandering Glider (Pantala flavescens) – Photo Study

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In addition to birds, I am also very interested in butterflies and dragonflies. The southwestern United States, where I happen to be working right now, is a great location to see many species of dragonfly and I have added many ‘lifer’ dragonflies to my list, while I am out doing cuckoo surveys. Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to get close … Read More

Crowned Hornbill: Moth-catching Menace

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A bird species I saw daily while in South Africa was the beautiful Crowned Hornbill. This hornbill species is not very secretive and it’s loud, hawk-like call makes you very aware of it’s presence even if you cant always see it. The Crowned Hornbill is a large bird that frequently moves around the forest canopy in groups searching for insects, reptiles, rodents, seeds, and fruits. … Read More