Northeast Goose Finding Tactics

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With the Delaware Goose-a-palooza 2016 coming up this weekend, we’ve put together a short summary of the Northeast’s common and unusual goose species and also a few helpful links for participants. Remember that if you haven’t signed up for the event, please email Alan Kneidel and he can register you for a team and goose-searching territory. The objective for each team during the Goose-a-palooza is … Read More

Greater White-fronted X Snow Goose hybrid – Lancaster, PA

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Yesterday evening while driving north along PA896, I noticed Snow Geese landing in a field near the road. As I drove past, I saw that it was a ‘small flock’ of only about 400 Snow Geese, so I hesitated a few moments about whether or not I should stop and scan through them for anything besides Snows. I decided to … Read More

Heron Hybrid – Merritt Island NWR, Florida

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On March 25th, a very interesting heron was photographed by two birders at Merrrit Island NWR, near Titusville on the Atlantic Coast of Florida. Ann Gaillard and Joyce Stefancic both photographed the heron shown below independently of each other along the Black Point Wildlife Drive, and allowed me permission to show their photos on this post. Study these first two … Read More

Common Goldeneye x Hooded Merganser Hybrid – Presque Isle SP, PA

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One aspect that birding has to offer is that every once in a while you might get lucky to see an individual bird of a species you are familiar with, but due to a wide range of issues (leucism, albinism, melanism, etc) the bird is absolutely unique. One of my favorite things to see are hybrid birds. I’m sure lots … Read More