Rufous Hummingbird – CMBO Goshen Center, NJ

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On the afternoon of November 21st, two of my friends and I stopped by the Cape May Bird Observatory’s Goshen Center to search for the Rufous Hummingbird that had been seen there since late October. After about 10 minutes of waiting and watching the two hummingbird feeders, we saw the hummer shoot past us and land in a distant tree. … Read More

Birding in Late Fall and Early Winter

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As the fall winds down and migration slows, the remaining migrants and resident birds start to change their habits as cold weather encroaches leading into the winter months. As sad as it is to be past the peak fall migration, this time of year can also be an exciting one in Pennsylvania with lingering migrants to be found, waterfowl numbers … Read More

Lycoming County selasphorus hummingbirds

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October and November are peak months for finding vagrant hummingbirds in Pennsylvania. There have already been several Rufous Hummingbirds banded across the state. Remarkably, there have already been three Selasphorus hummingbirds reported in Lycoming County this fall. Hummingbird bander Wayne Laubscher attempted to band two of the hummingbirds but they avoided the trap. Based on photographs, the birds were aged … Read More

SE Arizona Birding, Day 4 – Chiricahuas to Willcox

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This is the fourth posts in a series of posts about my recent birding trip to SE AZ (links to day 1, day 2, day 3). On July 31st, Mark, Chris, Anna and I woke up early and watched the hummingbird feeders outside of the George Walker House in Paradise, AZ. We really wanted to pick up Juniper Titmouse here, … Read More

SE Arizona Birding, Day 3 – Huachucas to the Chiricahuas

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This is the third post about a birding trip that Anna, myself, and two of our friends took to SE Arizona last week; here are links for the first day and second day. Our third day of birding in SE AZ, July 30th, started with a quick look around the base of Ramsey Canyon, where we had stayed the night … Read More

SE Arizona Birding, Day 2 – Madera Canyon and Patagonia

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July 29th, Anna, Chris, Mark, and I all got up early to begin birding Madera Canyon. We were going to have a pretty full day of birding and so we needed to take advantage of the early morning temperatures as well as the great birding activity of Madera Canyon to its fullest. As we walked outside of our Madera Kubo … Read More

Interesting Mystery Hummingbird at Ash Canyon B&B, SE Arizona

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Today while watching hummingbirds (and a ton of other great non-hummingbird birds), Anna spotted an interesting hummingbird coming in to the feeders, usually with a male Broad-billed Hummingbird. This weird hummer was about the same size as a Broad-billed and had a similar bill length. However, this bird had a very dark, black throat/gorget. The black coloration continued down through … Read More

Road Trip! – Boise, Idaho to Blythe, California

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On June 11th Anna and I began our road trip from Boise, Idaho to Blythe, California. On the first day of the trip we drove to Kanab, Utah and slept there for the night. In the morning we started driving towards the southern rim of the Grand Canyon. As soon as we crossed the border into Arizona the habitat looked … Read More

Idaho Highlights

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Anna and I have been working here in Idaho since April 4th. It has been a wonderful and bird-packed three and a half months, but now it must come to an end. On July 11th, Anna and I will begin our road trip down to Blythe, California, where we will be working for the remainder of the summer. For this … Read More

IBO Hummingbird Banding Demo

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This morning Jessica Pollock, Jay Carlisle, Heidi Ware, and I went up to Jennifer Alban’s famous front yard to do a hummingbird banding demonstration for some friends Jennifer had there. Jessica and Jay also wanted to see if Jennifer’s yard could also potentially be an official location they could band Calliope and Black-chinned Hummingbirds on a more regular basis for the … Read More