Harris’s Sparrow and ‘Gambel’s’ White-crowned Sparrow

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Arlene Koch’s famous backyard habitat near Easton, PA which has lured in countless uncommon, unusual, and rare birds over the years is currently hosting a first winter Harris’s Sparrow as well as an adult ‘Gambel’s’ White-crowned Sparrow! I was able to make a quick stop by her house this past Sunday and was happy to get great views of both … Read More

Harris’s Sparrow in Carbon County

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On New Year’s Day, Rich Rehrig found a Harris’s Sparrow along Whitey B. Drive in Carbon County, PA, just a few yards away from the Monroe County line. I tried in the afternoon of the 1st, but could not locate the bird. I returned to the spot on the morning of January 2nd, when Dustin Welch and I refound the … Read More

Little Gull and Harris’s Sparrow – Centre County, PA

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This morning, a few of my friends and I went back over to Howard to see the continuing Harris’s Sparrow. The bird was very cooperative and was present at the bird feeders as soon as we arrived. We were able to watch it for quite a while, when it would come in to the feeder and sit there eating nonstop … Read More

Harris’s Sparrow – Centre County, PA

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Yesterday morning, Bob Snyder was leaving his house in Howard, PA to go to work when he noticed an interesting sparrow at his backyard bird feeders. After snapping a few photos, Bob realized it was an adult Harris’s Sparrow! This morning, Drew Weber and I drove over to Bald Eagle State Park while we waited to hear back from Bob … Read More

Common Chaffinch and Snowy Owl – New Jersey

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This morning Josh Lefever, Mark Mizak, and I began what will be a weekend-long birding trip throughout eastern PA and NJ. We first visited the Green-tailed Towhee at Berks County, PA and were able to see it after a few minutes of waiting in the howling wind and extreme cold. Next we tried for the juvenile White Ibis in Hamburg … Read More