Green-tailed Towhee and White Ibis – Berks County, PA

Alex LamoreauxBird Finding Tips, Birding, Chase, General News and Info, Photography, Rarities2 Comments

I finally had a free day to run down to Berks County and attempt to see the Green-tailed Towhee and White Ibis. At 7:45am, four of my friends and I loaded up in my car and drove to Blue Marsh Lake, from Hershey. We arrived at 8:45am and began searching for the towhee along with quite a few other birders. … Read More

South Hills Census near Twin Falls, Idaho

Anna FasoliBirding1 Comment

Alex and I were able to use one of our days off this week to help on the fourth year of the South Hills Bird Census near Twin Falls, Idaho.  The count is organized by the Prairie Falcon Audubon Society, and covers a large portion of the South Hills, a fairly unique ecosystem in south-central Idaho. Alex and I joined Cheryl … Read More