Harlequin Duck and Presque Isle Migrants

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With a Sunday free from obligations and spring migration kicking into full swing, I joined up with Chad Kauffman and Mike Dreibelbis to head up towards Presque Isle State Park. We planned to meet up around 6am and drive west, stopping in Armstrong County for a rarity and then spending the rest of the day at Presque Isle. Since February … Read More

Finally seeing a Fulvous – Stormwater Treatment Area 5

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March 2nd, 2013 was the second full day of a Florida birding trip that I took with my friends Josh Lefever and Mark Mizak. Josh and I drove down from PA and planned on meeting up with Mark (who currently works in the Florida Keys) at Stormwater Treatment Area 5 and go in for the tour at 8:00am. Josh and I had stayed … Read More

Great Horned Owl feeding on a Barred Owl

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This afternoon, Anna and I had just discovered an American Kestrel nest in a natural cavity in western Marion County, FL when I heard the calls of a number of angry American Crows nearby. I could hear that the crows were congregated in the top of a nearby tree, and I knew they must be harassing a raptor of some … Read More

Rain Birding at the Biggest Week

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[dc]M[/dc]onday morning was rainier than we expected, so we ended up parking at the west end of the Magee Marsh boardwalk and birded from the inside the car while the rain poured down, waiting for it to clear up enough for us to be able to walk around the boardwalk. Despite the heavy rain, warblers were moving eastward past us, … Read More

Great Horned Owl – Photo Study

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Anna and I have seen and/or heard more Great Horned Owls than any other species of owl while here in Idaho. In fact some nights when we are driving to our Flammulated Owl road points were see loads of them; on the evening of the fifth we saw five different individuals! During the first few weeks we had gotten to … Read More

Flammulated Owl Surveys Near Island Park, Idaho

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Alex and I have been out the last few nights conducting Flammulated Owl surveys for IBO just a few miles west of Yellowstone National Park.  Last night, Alex and I discovered the grid we wanted to head to required a 3.5 km walk in.  It is pretty much at the base of the continental divide west of Island Park on … Read More

Flammulated Owl Surveys near Ashton, Idaho

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Our survey near Ashton, Idaho, was indeed delayed one night due to bad weather, mainly wind.  The wind died down over the next day, and we spent most of the day birding at nearby Chester Dam and the riparian area that leads to it.  It turned out to be one of our best warbler days in Idaho, including lots of … Read More

First Week of Flammulated Owl Surveys!

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This past week instead of searching for curlew nests, my coworker Oly Olson and I went to southeastern Idaho to begin the first week of surveys for Flammulated Owls. Anna stayed behind to keep an eye on the curlews and search for nests. Oly and I visited some really amazing places and this week of traveling around southeast Idaho really … Read More

Great Horned Owl

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This morning I birded Lederer Park to check its suitability for Ornithology Lab this week. Overall it was pretty dead but thanks to some mobbing crows I got excellent looks at a Great Horned Owl. Apparently there is a young one around as well but I have not seen it. Anyways, the crows chased it off its roost and I … Read More

Sharp-tailed Grouse Lek and birding near Weiser, Idaho

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A few days ago, Alex and I and our friends Jack, Eddie, and Oly traveled north to Weiser, Idaho to join a local bird club on a field trip to see a Sharp-tailed Grouse Lek. A lek is an area where male grouse gather to display to female grouse.  These leks are often used for many years.  The lek we observed was … Read More