Orlando birding – lifers and quasi-lifers

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Over Thanksgiving, Justine and I headed down to the Orlando area with her family to check out Disney and enjoy some warm weather. As luck would have it, we stayed relatively close to Lake Tohopekaliga and I managed to slip down there several mornings for some birding. I was really hoping to pick up several life birds on the trip … Read More

Trapping Crested Caracara in Florida

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In mid-February, I helped capture a few of the adult Crested Caracara we had been monitoring at nest sites. Adults were still tending to their nests and chicks, and were very territorial. This makes it easy to target the area near the nest to trap the adults. We used a “lure” bird, a captive Crested Caracara to draw in our … Read More

Painted Buntings Ready to Head North

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A few weeks ago, a male Painted Bunting got stuck in a shed behind my house on the ranch. It came through an open window, but could not get out, and likely would have roasted to death in the stuffy building. He was easily picked up on a window sill, and we kept him for a few minutes to snap … Read More

Limpkin: A Unique Florida Specialty

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There aren’t many species of birds that you can find only in Florida. Most of Florida’s herons and egrets can be found up the east coast and Gulf coast, and many of Florida’s passerines and raptors migrate north in the spring. On the small list of Florida specialities is the Limpkin. Limpkins are only found in Florida’s fresh water marshes (with sporadic records in the … Read More

Crested Caracaras in South-central Florida

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Crested Caracaras are members of the family Falconidae (which includes other species like Kestrels, Merlins and Hobbies, and the Peregrine Falcon). Recently, through genetic work, it was discovered that Falconidae is more closely related to parrots than other raptors. There are 11 known species of caracara, one of which is extinct. Crested Caracara is the only one found in the … Read More

White-tailed Kites in Florida

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One of the most dramatic raptors found in Florida is the White-tailed Kite, Elanus leucaris. It is rare and found locally in south central/south eastern Florida. It is also commonly found from south Texas to California, and is rare along the Gulf Coast and to the north. Recently, its range has been expanding northward and along the Gulf Coast, although it is … Read More