National Wildlife Refuge Week eBird Challenge!

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OK bird nerds, now that everyone knows how to look like a cool birder (if you don’t, follow these 12 steps), there is a new challenge that involves prizes. Interested? Read on. National Wildlife Refuge Week, October 13-19, is just around the corner. There is at least ONE refuge in every state (check out this link to find one near … Read More

Introducing eBird Hotspots Explorer

Drew WeberBirding, eBird, Reviews, Science, Site Guide1 Comment

eBird just released an awesome new feature that really lets you figure out great places to bird, as well as giving us new ways to look at our favorite birding spots. Hotspots Explorer is epic! The first view shows a heat map, where you can see which areas of the world have the highest diversity. Not surprisingly, the coast is … Read More

BirdsEye Hotspots

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Today we are excited to launch BirdsEye Hotspots, a new app from Birds in the Hand (the publishers of BirdsEye and BirdLog apps) that gives you the info you need to find and get to a great birding location near you. The Nemesis Bird crew has been helping develop and beta test the app in our spare time over the last few … Read More

Migration is over…why go birding?

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I hear this often; complaints about migration being over, talk of there being no reason to get out early in the mornings, and having to wait for the fall to do any good birding. I say this is ridiculous. While migration does offer a spectacular pulse of new birds and at a higher concentration than out of the birding season, … Read More

BirdsEye photo contest

Drew WeberAsides3 Comments

We here at Nemesis Bird are huge fans of the BirdsEye and BirdLog apps. We were big users of eBird before those two apps came around, but having easy access to eBird sightings in the field, and the ability to enter eBird checklists from a phone were really game changers in how we bird. And so now I am very … Read More

Checklist a day maps

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The maps below are part of the Nemesis Bird Checklist a Day challenge. The Canada and US maps below show how many eBirders are currently submitting at least one checklist per day. Bookmark this page as it will be updated frequently. The below map shows how many people in each country are keeping up with submitting a checklist per day. … Read More

The Top 100 Checklist a Day competition

Drew WeberContests4 Comments

Thanks to Ted Keyel for coming up with this challenge and writing up most of the post.  So, you think can bird? What about eBird? Even if you can, what about your state? Do you have what it takes to help spread the word and encourage more of your friends and family to use eBird more? If so, join Nemesis … Read More

Watch eBirders in real-time!

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With thousands of eBird checklists being submitted from around the world on a daily basis, the folks at eBird have created a real-time map showing exactly where checklists are being entered! For more information, check out this link: From eBird: “We’ve developed a new map visualization that displays live eBird checklist submissions. Each time a new checklist is entered, a … Read More