Dunlin and Great Egrets

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Yesterday evening I went birding with Anna Fasoli, Joe Verica, and Josh Lefever at the Tadpole Rd wetlands. We were very happy to find a flock of nine Dunlin foraging there, the first of this species to be reported yet this fall. This morning, Josh and I went back to Tadpole, and only one Dunlin remained. Was this a new … Read More

Stilt Sandpiper flock

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Today Alex and I headed down to Lebanon County with Steve and Josh for some shorebirding. We were hoping to find the previously reported Long-billed Dowitcher to compare with the bird we just had trouble with in Centre County. The first flooded field we stopped at was huge and the shorebirds (mostly yellowlegs) were distant. I eventually picked out a … Read More

Spring Shore-birding in Idaho

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Spring and fall shore-birding is one of my favorite activities; you never know what might show up in a flock of shorebirds on a mudflat! This spring I am in Idaho and so I had a bunch of new shorebird spots to check out. By far the best spot that I went to on a regular basis for shorebirds was … Read More

Bald Eagle SP Caspian Tern and Dunlin

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This evening I went to Bald Eagle State Park to help set up a banding site for the Bald Eagle Birding Festival. I got there a bit early to see if there was anything around and I was glad I did. On the beach there was a single Caspian Tern in the company of about 20 ratty looking Ring-billed Gulls. … Read More

Wounded Dunlin

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A few days ago Idaho-birder Cheryl Huizinga texted me to say there was a Dunlin at Blacks Creek Reservoir, a species Anna and I needed to see in Idaho. We drove up after work and easily found the bird right where Cheryl said it had been. This Dunlin was in its beautiful breeding plumage and was a great subject to … Read More

New Jersey Birding – Part 1

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Last Friday, November 19th, was the start of our Thanksgiving Break so my friends and I decided to go to Cape May, NJ for some birding with the hope of getting Tim and Josh some life birds and get me a few year birds for my Big Year. Nate Fronk, Tim Schrekengost, Josh Lefever, and  a friend of Nate and … Read More

Dunlin at Bald Eagle State Park

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This morning, friends of mine, Nate Fronk and Tim Schrekengost went to BESP to search for waterfowl. Waterfowl numbers and diversity were down, but they did find a juvenile Dunlin foraging on a sunken road at the east end of the park. Drew and I needed this for our county lists, so we carpooled out there and arrived by 11:00am. … Read More