Beyond the Shelf Again

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Late summer is usually a busy time, filled with pre-work preparations and plenty of outdoor exploration as vacation ends and migration begins. This year I was fortunate enough to join a pair of offshore journeys with See Life Paulagics. The first was a two-day cruise from Point Pleasant, New Jersey on the Voyager in mid-August. The latter was a September … Read More

California Gulls vs Cliff Swallows

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This Memorial Day weekend I headed into the Yellowstone Ecosystem for some birding and wildlife watching. The highlight of the weekend was at Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge near Lima, MT where myself and a friend observed a California Gull actively hunting Cliff Swallows.  At Lower Red Rock Lake the swallows had formed a small nesting colony beneath a … Read More

A Year in the Yard

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Back in January 2011, I decided I would spend the next year trying to find as many birds as possible on my property during the year. During the previous year I had recorded 149 species, annoying close to the 150 mark. To find 150 species in my yard during the year would be a tremendous feat, considering I don’t live … Read More

Nesting Cliff Swallows

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Cliff Swallows are social birds. All you have to do is look at how they nest to see how true that statement is. Cliff Swallows usually nest in large colonies, up to 3,500 active nests in the bigger colonies. An interesting fact about Cliff Swallows is that they have only in the last 100-150 years expanded their range to include the … Read More