First birds of ’11

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I love it. It’s that time of year again when I reset my year list and every single species is just waiting to get back on. It might also be the part of birding that most confuses the non-birders around us. They say, “But you just saw a Cooper’s Hawk yesterday, why are you so excited about seeing it again?”, … Read More

2 Leucistic Canada Geese and 1 Dusky Canada Goose in Hershey, PA

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This afternoon I stopped by in front of the Chocolate Factory in Hershey, PA to scan through the Canada Geese. There were a total of 1047 geese present. Instantly two white geese caught my eye. I figured they were going to be Snow Geese, but once I got a better look I realized they were leucistic Canada Geese – almost pure … Read More

Lesser Canada Goose?

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Looking over the large flock of Canada Geese at the Duck Pond in State College, I came across one goose that was noticeably smaller than the other geese. In addition, the back was a darker brown color and the chest was much darker. Overall it was just a petite, darker version of the other geese that were in the pond. … Read More

Centre County Waterfowl

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The rainy weather made perfect conditions for some waterfowling here in Center County today, so around 9:45am Anna Fasoli and I headed to Bald Eagle State Park. We were instantly greeted by 14 Tundra Swans, and the largest raft of waterfowl I have seen at BESP. We were able to find 12 species of waterfowl at BESP. All of the photos … Read More