Arizona Birding Adventures, Part 2

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It was difficult to leave Portal behind after the fantastic experiences I enjoyed while exploring the Chiricahuas. I’d seen so much in such a short period of time that even if the remaining days of the trip were completely birdless I would still consider the vacation a success. Of course, the second half of my visit to southeastern Arizona turned … Read More

Arizona Birding Adventures, Part 1

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The last time I visited Arizona was the first time I visited Arizona. During the summer of 2005, my family embarked on one of our most ambitious cross-country camping trips, driving through the Rockies from New York to California and returning by way of the desert southwest. Our time in the state was focused on visiting the National Parks: Grand … Read More

Winter Rarities at Cape May Point SP

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It isn’t much of a secret that Cape May Point State Park, at the southern tip of New Jersey, is one of the country’s top birding locations and rarity traps. Every winter something interesting turns up at the park and stays for a few days, weeks, or maybe even over-winters there. This winter, however, is totally off the charts! Besides … Read More

Slow Summer Birding…..

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The past few weeks birding has been pretty slow here in central Pennsylvania. Most of the breeding warbler species have stopped singing and are busy tending to their young and fall migration is just barely getting underway. It gets very hot by nine or ten in the morning and then activity stops altogether until around 8:30pm. Really the only thing … Read More

Florida Winter Butterflies

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Most people are living in an icy winter wonderland, where no butterflies would dare to fly. But down in Florida, it stays warm enough that quite a few species are able to survive the winter. When I was down in Florida for the past 12 days I was able to find quite a few species. Most people know I love … Read More


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I was walking around my butterfly bush/sneezeweed/salvia garden and I happened across an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, caught in a spiderweb. The spider was already working on the swallowtail so I quick got my camera to document the process. The second time I went out the butterfly was gone, stored away for later eating. I searched for it quite a bit … Read More

Backyard Butterflies

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All the plants I put in my hummingbird garden this spring are attracting good numbers of butterflies.The popular plants are the butterfly bush, sneezeweed, and marigolds. Silver Spotted Skipper are easily the most common butterfly in my backyard, sometimes with numbers in the double digits.


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The Mourningcloak (Nymphalis antiopa) is a medium-sized (2-4 inchwingspan) butterfly which is easily identified by the yellow trailing edge to its wings. On the inner edge of the yellow border there are iridescent blue spots making it very striking and distinctive. It belongs to the family Nymphalidae which are known as the ‘brush-footed butterflies’. Their front legs are smaller and … Read More