Santa Rosa Tour 3 Update: Part Two, March 14-17

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Wow, does time fly by when you are on an eight day on, six day off schedule (this schedule is possibly the secret to life). I’ve finally gotten around to posting the second half of tour three on Santa Rosa Island, working for Institute for Wildlife Studies (Read part one here first!) Weather was excellent for the second half of tour 3 as … Read More

The Southern California Coast 3/31 to 4/2

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Leaving La Quinta on March 31st, we began the short second leg of our trip with a 3 hour drive to the town of La Jolla (just north of San Diego). Our hotel was on the coast, so I couldn’t wait to get a few new species for my year list. Walking only five minutes, I soon saw lots of … Read More

Farallones: A Landbird Life Raft

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My first full day (9/8) on Southeast Farallon Island (30 miles west of San Francisco in the Pacific Ocean), I saw a total of eight individual landbirds (passerines and near-passerines), including a single, lingering House Wren. In the days and weeks that followed, the persistent September doldrums left much to be desired, and most days were devoid of any appreciable influx … Read More