Birding Cup 2014 Summary

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Pennsylvania birder Matt Sabatine, a new addition to this year’s Nemesis Birders line-up for the Shaver’s Creek Birding Cup competition, offers his perspective on the team’s Big Day attempt. Gordon Dimmig provided a few photos he took while birding with us during the afternoon of the Birding Cup. Follow links to eBird checklists! The days leading up to the annual Shaver’s Creek Birding … Read More

Franklin’s Gull – Centre County, PA

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Late yesterday afternoon during the annual Shaver’s Creek Birding Cup my team, the Nemesis Birders, were racing around trying to pick up as many new species as possible before the 7pm finish time. We were headed from Black Moshannon SP and going to finish out the day at Bald Eagle SP, however when we passed Curtin Wetlands a large flock of … Read More

Birding Cup 2014 – Support Shaver’s Creek and the Nemesis Birders!

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For the third year in a row, the Nemesis Birders are competing in central Pennsylvania’s Birding Cup! This annual birding contest is run by Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center as a fundraiser for their environmental education programs. We are hoping to defend our 1st place title for the third year in a row, and shooting to see at least 150 species throughout the 24 hour … Read More

Birding Cup 2013 Wrap up

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The 2013 Birding Cup was an interesting one. I was late to the party, driving down from Syracuse to meet Alex, Ian and Nate at around midnight. They had an extremely successful evening and half of the team was voting for a couple hours of sleep. I had been watching the radar and was quickly realizing that our hopes for … Read More

Prepping for the Shaver’s Creek Birding Cup 2013

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The Nemesis Birders will be competing in the Shaver’s Creek Birding Cup for a second year, hoping to repeat last years successful run. Our inaugural run was fantastic, netting some great birds like American Bittern, Long-eared Owl and Red-throated Loon, but missing some easier birds such as Wilson’s Snipe, Great Egret and a well-scouted Red-headed Woodpecker for a total of … Read More