Photographing Roosting Owls: How To Know You’re Doing It Right

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Long-eared Owl

A sleepy owl is a happy owl! Of all the potential subjects for aspiring bird photographers, roosting owls just might be the most intoxicatingly enticing subject of all.  Owls are an especially charismatic clan of birds.  Whether or not you enjoy their typecast roles in folklore, you have to admit that there is an overwhelming temptation to map our human modes of … Read More

The Birder movie needs Kickstarter funding!

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The number of new birding movies in production is exciting. One of them, The Birder, is looking for funds to finish out the production of the movie. Check out the pitch video below and then head to their Kickstarter page to help them out! From the Kickstarter page – THE BIRDER is an intelligent and witty comedy about a mild-mannered high … Read More

EVERY Grebe Species at Memorial Lake

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Pennsylvania Grebe Perfection. Every species of grebe (Avian order Podicipediformes, family Podicipedidae), that has EVER been documented in Pennsylvania was present at the SAME place, at the SAME TIME, at Memorial Lake State Park on Sunday, November 4, 2012. Coincidentally, it was also my birthday. While my girlfriend and I were originally planning to visit a brewery in Downingtown, by … Read More

When a Bird Becomes an Individual: the One-legged Great Egret

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Books can be (and are) written about the ornithological knowledge gained through studies that involve the practice known as “bird banding” (or “ringing” overseas). To put it simply, banding involves the capture and marking of a wild bird with a unique serial number.  In the USA and Canada, those numbers are generated by the US Geological Survey’s Bird Banding Laboratory. … Read More

$h1t birds and birders say

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I am sure that by now most of you have seen the Sh*t Birders Say video. Funny stuff. If you haven’t seen it, I have it embedded below. Once you have seen it, you should also watch the birds’ response in the second video in this post.

Video Quiz: Greater & Lesser Scaup

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A first for us here at Nemesisbird: a video quiz! The first part of the video features a side-by-side comparison of drake Greater and Lesser Scaup. The birds are far away, and the lighting and resolution is not the best. But this is so often the case when viewing waterfowl in the wild! “National Geographic” cover-photos are the rare exception. … Read More

Black-headed Gull – the music video

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A rare bird in Pennsylvania, the Black-headed Gull (Chroicocephalus ridibundus), was found foraging in the Susquehanna River near Washington Boro, PA. It was foraging in the outflow from a water treatment plant, in the company of many Ring-billed Gulls. Set to Basic Space (Jamie XX Space Bass Remix) by The xx.

Birding Adventures TV in PA

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Birding Adventures TV recently hit Pennsylvania and focused on John James Audubon and Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. Good to see local spots being highlighted! There is some good history information and some nice raptor shots to enjoy.

The PA Townsend’s Warbler music video

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This Townsend’s Warbler was found by Dr. Andy Green in his backyard in Cumberland County, PA. It constitutes the fourth documented record of this species for Pennsylvania. Dr. Green has been an extremely generous host to bird watchers who have “chased” this bird, to visit and see it for themselves. See more videos on Youtube.

Uncovering The Big Year

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This video was made by The Big Year publicists to build some anticipation for the release. Like Robert at Birding is Fun!, I am not sure how to take this clip. I don’t think that it at all goes with the movie which I enjoyed and is actually kind of offensive. Leave a comment on your thoughts! Video link