Screech-Owls at the Biggest Week

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Besides mind-blowing views of 30+ warbler species, another highlight for many birders during the Biggest Week in American Birding is seeing Eastern Screech-Owls sleeping out in the open. These little, camouflaged owls often have their cover blown by angry flocks of songbirds and can be spotted roosting out in the open, or if you know which owl nestboxes to keep an eye … Read More

The Biggest Week: Day 2!

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After hitting up “Birds and Beers” last night at the Maumee Bay State Park Conference Center, and running on only a few hours of sleep from the previous night, I slept like a baby. I had dreams of warblers too close for focusing, and once again my birdy dreams came true on the Magee Marsh Boardwalk. Cory and I got … Read More

The Biggest Week 2013: Day 1!

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This morning PA birder (and honorary Nemesis Birder) Cory DeStein, and I, got an early start out of PA for our 6 hour drive to Black Swamp Bird Observatory’s Biggest Week in American Birding! It is finally here!!! I forgot my camera cord in PA, so unfortunately photos will have to wait until I get home! Our first stop was … Read More

Go to the Biggest Week

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Seriously though, just do it. Justine, Anna, Alex and I spent almost a week last spring birding Magee Marsh and nearby hotspots and had a huge blast. The warbler migration along the Great Lakes is phenomenal, and the Biggest Week is ideally situated to produce memorable birding days, no matter what the weather is. Our first day in the area … Read More