Wing-tagged herons and egrets

The biologists up at Environment Canada recently wing tagged over 150 waders and are now asking for birders to report any sightings of these birds.

From one of the biologists-

50 young Great Blue Herons and over 100 young Great Egrets from three sites in Lake Huron have been marked with Green or Orange wing-tags in the last month; each tag carries a unique number-letter combination. New York and Pennsylvania birders are asked to watch for these birds and send details of any sightings (date, time, location, observer, color of tag and number-letter combination) to Also, please report any evening roosting sites and feeding aggregations of 6 or more birds.

So if you see any green or orange on the wings of a wader, be sure to check it out and help the researchers out by reporting them!

Great Blue Heron (photo by Alex Lamoreaux)