Mega! Yellow-billed Loon in Pennsylvania

As already blogged by Birdchaser, there is a beautifully plumaged Yellow-billed Loon drifting up and down the Susquehanna River near Harrisburg, PA. Only a little over an hour from my house, this would be an excellent bird to chase for both a state and life bird for me. But, seeing as I am in New Jersey for another week, that chase would be a 4 hour drive each way. Now, I really like adding birds to my state list but sometimes I just don’t feel its worth the 8 hours of driving and the full tank of gas that it would take just to see one bird. I can only hope that it will still be around in a week when I head past Harrisburg to start training for my summer job working for the PA Breeding Bird Atlas.

For some great shots taken by the finder of this great bird go to his photo gallery.