***MEGA*** Bahama Woodstar, Lancaster PA

** Last seen around noon on Wednesday 4/24/2013. Updated at 5:58 pm EST 4/24/2013.

An odd hummingbird was reported a couple days ago with initial suspicion that it could be a 1st state record Broad-tailed Hummingbird. Exciting stuff indeed, until the bander had the hummer in hand and noticed that something wasn’t quite right. An exciting bird for the state quickly became a notable ABA find when the identification of Bahama Woodstar was suggested.

There is some chatter about this being a Hurricane Sandy related bird, as well as thoughts on a ship-assisted arrival, although it would still have had a long flight to get to Lancaster from any port. It is fun to try to figure out what could have caused this bird to show up here now. How do you think it arrived?

Check out some more videos of the Bahama Woodstar here taken by Meredith Lombard and some photos by Chris Bortz below. Here is also a link to an email Scott Weidensaul sent to the PA Birds listserv with the backstory of finding and identifying the woodstar.

The homeowners have consented to visitors. They live back a stone driveway in the woods. When coming into the area of their home please be watchful for the children at the house and park so as not to park them in. Go to the right of the house and the feeder is hanging in the corner of the small deck off the back of the house. Please do not go before 9 am or after 8 pm. They already have a guest book ready that they would like everyone to sign. Please be respectful of their hospitality!

The hummer hosts are:

Delmas and Ruth Witmer
160 Mountain Road
Denver, PA 17517