Eared Grebe- Bald Eagle State Park

I had already spent a good portion of my morning looking through the sparse waterfowl at Bald Eagle State Park and was planning on spending some quality time at Jo Hayes Vista, looking for Golden Eagles and Northern Goshawks. This was not to be. Soon after I left Bald Eagle State Park today I got a text saying that Joe Verica had found an Eared Grebe at Bald Eagle.

Eared Grebe

I managed to convince Justine to go along with me, so with her bundled up and her nose in a book I made my second trek to Bald Eagle today. The grebe was happily associating with a flock of Ring-necked Ducks when I got to the park, but when they took off, it seemed just as content swimming with the coot flock.

American Coot (left) and Eared Grebe (right)