Ruddy Turnstone and banded Common Tern at BESP

Four of us went back out to Bald Eagle State Park this morning to try to find the Ruddy Turnstone again. As soon as we arrived at the dam, we saw the Ruddy Turnstone foraging down in the grass alongside Killdeer and Bonaparte’s Gulls. Twice the entire group flushed for some reason but then quickly resettled on the grass. The two Common Terns that we found yesterday were also still around. When we drove over to the beach, the Common Terns had flown there and offered us up-close photo opportunities. When I was editing my photo of the juvenile Common Tern in flight I realized that it had a silver leg band on its right leg (photo below)!

Ruddy Turnstone (adult) between two Bonaparte's Gulls (juvenile)

Ruddy Turnstone (adult) in flight

Common Tern - note the silver leg band on its right leg!

Sanderling (juvenile) at the swimming beach

Sanderling (juvenile) with a huge worm, on the swimming beach