Past Two Days…..

Anna and I have been out near the Island Park area of Idaho trying to conduct Flammulated Owl surveys in the Targhee National Forest for a few days now. Check out this post Anna put up yesterday if you want to read more. Rain has been a real pain for us and has resulted in a cancellation of last nights survey. The rain poured down all night long and into this morning and early afternoon. Tonight we are once again being threatened with thunderstorms, but are hoping for the best. Hopefully there is enough of a gap between showers to get a few points in! Anyway, below are a few photos I took yesterday and today. Driving around the national forest, trying to get to our randomized survey points takes us through some beautiful locations and often offers us great looks at the areas wildlife. For instance, today I saw my second-ever Moose!

Trumpeter Swan on nest - Swan Lake, ID

Clark's Nutcracker foraging in the grass - Henry's Lake, ID

Lincoln's Sparrow - Island Park, ID

Common Raven - Island Park, ID

Moose! - near Heisi, ID

Rain-soaked Ruffed Grouse - near Heisi, ID

Olive-sided Flycatcher - Heisi, ID

Virginia Rail - Kelly Canyon Rd, ID