Northern Shrike at BESP

The Northern Shrike has finally been found at Bald Eagle State Park! I had been searching all over for it at the park for about the last two months but apparently not hard enough. There is an extensive amount of shrubby habitat that looks suitable for the shrike so we shall see how easy it is to relocate over the winter.

With directions from Nick and Jack, we headed to the West Launch area and parked where West Launch Rd is closed off before walking down to the launch area. We didn’t find the shrike at first and it wasn’t actually until I was on my way out that I spotted a larger black and white bird in a distant shrub. Five minutes of scanning later, I turned around and it perched in a tree top not far from me. After I got good looks I pulled out my scope but didn’t manage to get any photos before it flew off.

Bald Eagle State Park- blue areas are likely shrike locations while the pins are actual locations where the shrike has been seen. Click on the image for a Google Map that you can add your shrike sightings to the map