Jo Hayes Hawk Watch- Day 2

Yesterday was the second day that I spent some time hawk watching at Jo Hayes Vista for the fall season. It was a relatively slow day with only 10 birds counted but that is pretty much expected in early August.

The first Broad-winged Hawk kettle passed by, only 4 birds though. Hopefully this year we will see good numbers of Broad-winged Hawks at Jo Hayes. Broadwings are really hit or miss in central PA since the kettles are using thermals rather than wind along ridges to migrate.

The highlight of the day for me was watching 3 Turkey Vultures lazily circling upridge, and then suddenly scattering, flying frantically away from the ridge. This piqued my interest and was quickly explained when a juvenile Bald Eagle popped up over the trees.

Juvenile Bald Eagle- photo by Alex Lamoreaux