Interesting Mystery Hummingbird at Ash Canyon B&B, SE Arizona

Today while watching hummingbirds (and a ton of other great non-hummingbird birds), Anna spotted an interesting hummingbird coming in to the feeders, usually with a male Broad-billed Hummingbird. This weird hummer was about the same size as a Broad-billed and had a similar bill length. However, this bird had a very dark, black throat/gorget. The black coloration continued down through the breast and belly, unlike the iridescent blue on a typical male Broad-billed. Also unlike a Broad-billed, this mystery hummer only had an orange-ish/red lower mandible, rather than both the upper and lower. What could this be? Probably a hybrid, but what were it’s parents?…Broad-billed X Berylline? Broad-billed X Magnificent? Let me know your thoughts? Unfortunately, I was unable to get any shots of it in flight, but I think the photos below show it’s markings well. Many more photos (taken by Anna) can be seen at this link.

Mystery Hummingbird Hybrid - 7/30/11 at Ash Canyon B&B

Mystery Hummer (on left) with a Broad-billed Hummingbird (male) - 7/30/11 at Ash Canyon B&B