Finally got some crossbill pics

After reading a good reminder that this crossbill irruption we are experiencing now probably won’t happen for years, I decided I would finally try to actually photograph some. It was pretty easy finding a feeding flock along Golf Rd at Lancaster County Central Park. The light made it a little difficult to get good shots but some did come out alright. The most interesting sighting was a young male with a lot of orangey color. I have seen a few very bright yellow crossbills, but none with this orange color.

People have been reporting less White-winged Crossbills in the last and some have speculated that they have started heading north. This may be true but the last two places I have checked are still hopping with crossbills. Weather should start pushing them north soon, but it is possible that some crossbills will stick around to breed if they find some suitable habitat. Be on the lookout!