EVERY Grebe Species at Memorial Lake

Pennsylvania Grebe Perfection.

Every species of grebe (Avian order Podicipediformes, family Podicipedidae), that has EVER been documented in Pennsylvania was present at the SAME place, at the SAME TIME, at Memorial Lake State Park on Sunday, November 4, 2012. Coincidentally, it was also my birthday. While my girlfriend and I were originally planning to visit a brewery in Downingtown, by way of the Black Skimmer that has been hanging around the Conejohela Flats in Lancaster County since Hurricane Sandy, the lure of a new bird for my all-time PA list (Western Grebe), as well as the sheer spectacle of seeing FIVE GREBE SPECIES AT ONCE was just too much to pass up.

I was able to capture some video clips of 4 of the 5 grebe species. (Horned Grebe not pictured.) As you watch the grebes dive, check out the lack of tail feathers. All you get is a couple of longer uppertail coverts and their feet!

P.S. On the way back to York, we stopped to fill my growler at a different brewery in Hershey. Pretty much a perfect birthday!