Conewago Trail Wetlands – Lancaster County

This afternoon I visited the Conewago Trail wetlands to check for shorebirds. As I was walking up to the wetlands three Lesser Yellowlegs flew out, heading north. There was also one Spotted Sandpiper present, otherwise it was devoid of shorebirds, unfortunately.  However, two injured waterfowl species were present; a Snow Goose and an adult male Canvasback. I searched around for a little while longer, and wasn’t finding anything interesting, so I decided to leave. When I started walking back out to my car, 29 Least Sandpipers and 1 Greater Yellowlegs flew in and landed on the mud flat! Below are some photos and my complete checklist.

Lesser Yellowlegs - Conewago Wetlands

Injured Snow Goose - Conewago Wetlands

American Goldfinch - Conewago Wetlands

Conewago Recreation Trail and Wetlands, Lancaster, US-PA
Aug 17, 2011 3:10 PM - 4:10 PM
Protocol: Area
1.0 ac
24 species

Snow Goose 1 white type; clearly injured right wing
Canada Goose 2
Wood Duck 8 - all juveniles
Canvasback 1 - adult male; clearly injured
Turkey Vulture 6
Cooper's Hawk 1 - juvenile female
Red-tailed Hawk 3 - 2 adults, 1 juvenile
American Kestrel 1
Spotted Sandpiper 1
Greater Yellowlegs 1 foraging alongside the LESA's
Lesser Yellowlegs 3 flew up out of the wetlands as I was arriving
Least Sandpiper 29 - 20 juveniles, 9 adults
Rock Pigeon 30
Mourning Dove 10
Eastern Kingbird 1
Blue Jay 1
Northern Rough-winged Swallow 1
Tree Swallow 10
Bank Swallow 6
Barn Swallow 20
House Wren 2
Gray Catbird 3
European Starling 2
American Goldfinch 6