BirdTrax: a new eBird tool from Birdventure

Just last night, Zachary DeBruine released a total rewrite of the eBird Recent Sightings gadget. BirdTrax allows you to keep a close eye on local sightings, either close to a set of coordinates, in a county, or a state/province.

You initially are at the Sightings tab and get a list of species that were recently seen in your area of interest. From there, you can explore further by clicking on species (to see all reports of that species) or the location (to see all reports from that location).

Next is the Rarities tab which are the species that eBird filters flag as unusual for the region this time of year.

The most exciting part for me is the new Checklists tab, where you are shown a list of recent checklists that were submitted. This is a great way to delve into the places that are being birded, and what is being seen over the last several days.

Screenshots don’t do it justice, so make sure you head to Birdventure to check it out in action!