Another Ontelaunee sunset

I headed to Lake Ontelaunee again this evening to witness the growing numbers of gulls roosting on the lake. Apparently most of them are spending their days near a dump in Morgantown and then headed to Ontelaunee to roost. This evening there were again almost 2000 gulls, this time with a high percentage of Herrings than last time. I estimated about 500 Herring Gulls and 1200 Ring-billed Gulls. Also notable were the 3 adult Lesser and 1 adult Great Black-backed Gulls. I was looking especially hard for some of the white winged gulls (Iceland, Kumlien’s, Glaucous) but came up empty handed. Picked up two more birds for the year though to bring my total to a measly total of 53. Hopefully I will have lots of time next week to explore and bird as I spend my first week in Maryland, setting up the apartment I will be living in for the first few months of grad school.

52. Pied-billed Grebe
53. Horned Grebe