Possible ‘Fuertes’ Red-tailed Hawk in Idaho!?

This past week I photographed an adult Red-tailed Hawk that I think could potentially be a ‘Fuertes’ Red-tailed Hawk; a subspecies typically only found in the southwestern United States, primarily southeastern Arizona. The completely unmarked belly, undertail coverts, and leg feathers suggest Fuertes plus the markings on the underwings look right. This bird’s dark throat is unlike most Fuertes Redtails. However, in Brian Wheeler’s ‘Raptors of North America’ it mentions that some Fuertes can have darker throats. This would be a very rare individual in Idaho if it turns out to truely be a Fuertes. I have sent the photos to some raptor experts and am waiting for a reply, I will let you know what I find out!

Possible 'Fuertes' Red-tailed Hawk (adult)