Falcon Nest cams in PA

With the advent of cheap video streaming has come a plethora of nest cams for bird lovers to enjoy. Pennsylvania has several cameras aimed at Peregrine Falcon nests across the state, including the nest on the Rachel Carson State Office Building in Harrisburg and the nest on the Gulf Tower in downtown Pittsburgh. The Harrisburg pair has already hatched its first egg with 3 more to go. It can be fun to watch as the adults bring in prey items and feed the young chick. It is quite amazing that, from the comfort of our homes, we can actually watch all the activities that go along with courtship, mating, egg laying, feeding and raising young.

Peregrine Falcon sitting on eggs and one hatchling (photo from Rachel Carson Building webcam)

Same Peregrine Falcon as previous photo; here you can see the one fuzzy white chick that has already hatched as well as several of eggs.