One-a-Day eBird Challenge

Peregrine Falcon - adult (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)

Peregrine Falcon – adult (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)

Robert Mortensen introduced the One-a-Day eBird Challenge several years ago and now eBird is taking it to the next level. The goal of the One-a-Day eBird Challenge is to submit at least one eBird Checklist per day. Starting in January 2014, eBird will be giving prizes away from Carl Zeiss Sport Optics and Princeton University Press for a new challenge each month. The January 2014 Challenge is, simply, the One-a-Day eBird Challenge! More from eBird:

January 2014 eBirder of the Month Selection Criteria

“Building upon the success of the One-a-Day eBird Challenge, this month’s winner will be selected from users who have submitted an average of at least one complete checklist each day during the month of January. Each checklist will count as one submission, so the more checklists you enter, the greater your chances of winning. This month’s challenge emphasizes the importance of repeated counts, no matter where you are, every day of the year.

Here’s how it will work. We will draw a checklist at random that was submitted during January 2014. If that user has submitted at least 31 effort-based checklists that report all species detected, they win. If not, we keep on drawing checklists until we find an eBird user that meets that criteria. If you submit more checklists, you have a higher chance of winning. Of course, we’ll also look at all the checklists entered by that user to make sure they aren’t making any effort to “stuff the ballot box” with inappropriate data.”

Are you up for the One-a-Day eBird Challenge? Let us know if you are participating in the comments! Also, you can post a badge on your blog, if you have one, from this link.

Full article from eBird: Carl Zeiss Sports Optics eBirder of the Month for 2014