How to put Google Maps in eBird Species Comments

You’re probably getting excited…  Google Maps in eBird checklists??  Yes, it’s real! Here’s an example:

eBird Checklist with embedded google maps

But before I let you in on how to do this, I should probably introduce myself. I’m Zachary DeBruine, a Hope College, MI Biochemistry major, also an on-the-side eBird-affiliated web developer (check out my website:, a classical organist/pianist, and a birder. In the past, I’ve been honored by Cornell as eBirder of the Month, largely in recognition of my Google Gadgets, the latest being BirdTrax.

When I post, you should expect either techy eBird tricks or wild birding adventure stories. On my website, I discuss eBird-related development and tricks in detail. Here I’ll just try to bring out the highlights which everybody can make use of. As far as birding adventures, I have a tough time staying on the beaten path. It gets me in tight spots sometimes! Lastly, I’m excited to join the crew here at Nemesis Bird! I hope you enjoy learning more things about eBird and reading great stories!

How to put Google Maps into your eBird Species Comments:

With the help of my new code generator, eBird GM, embedding Google Maps in your species comments has become just as easy and fast as embedding YouTube videos and Flickr/Picasa photos.

Click here to try out eBirdGM. Simply copy and paste the generated code into your eBird checklist, and you’re all set!

Here are a few of my own checklists in which I’ve embedded Google Maps using eBirdGM:

If you wish to delve deeper into the world of Google Maps, you can check out the Google Static Maps API V2 Developer’s Guide on the Google Developers website.

I hope you enjoy this new idea, and please comment if you have any feedback or questions!