Pelagic boundaries change, now include inland lakes

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From the DVOC mailing-“Rule change – Beginning today, any bird seen on or over “any body of water” within 50 miles of the political boundary of a state can be counted for that state. The term “any body of water” includes offshore waters, inshore waters, lakes, ponds, rivers, etc. Comments by the committees – The committees are aware that the … Read More

The Onion features birding

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I guess birding has finally made it. Our sport has been featured in the great satirical newspaper, The Onion. Focusing mainly on apparent errors in the Sibley Guide to Birds it is humorous at times although not really that great. Hopefully someday birding will actually get featured in a clever satirical article, but we will have to wait. Check out … Read More

2007 List of Banished Birding Words

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Check out djringer’s 2007 List of Banished Birding Words, based on Lake Superior State University’s List of Banished Words. I know I’ve been guilty of some of these.