Another state bird for the list- Le Conte’s Sparrow

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Image via Wikipedia Stopped at the Darlington Tract in Delaware County today to look for the Le Conte’s Sparrow that has been seen in the area. I was lucky as I walked out and saw the bird almost immediately, although it was skittish and I only got to see it for a short time before it disappeared. I didn’t have … Read More

Little Egret?

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The egret found by Chuck Chalfant. Noticing the dark lores he began contacting others. Here are the pictures I took through my scope and Frank Haas’ scope which had a higher zoom. Click on the images to zoom in or go to the Picasa gallery where I also have two videos. I have also posted closer crops of several of … Read More

White Ibis at the flats

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Finally got out on the flats for the first time since late April. There had been both an immature White Ibis and a Sandhill Crane hanging out there together so I was hoping to see both these birds. Unfortunately, only the White Ibis was around while I was on the flats but it was very cooperative. It was hanging out … Read More

Wood Sandpiper pictures

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Friday afternoon I posted that I was off to chase the Wood Sandpiper being seen in Delaware. I got picked up at my house around 11am and by about 1:30pm we were driving down Broadkill Road, looking for a swarm of cars. When we pulled in, people seemed to be milling around, not really looking at anything in particular. This … Read More

Wood Sandpiper chase

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In just a couple minutes I will be getting picked up to chase the Wood Sandpiper that is being seen at Prime Hook in Delaware. It was seen at 9:00am this morning and we should be there around 1:00pm. Hopefully we get there while its around! This is the first East Coast record since the Rye, New York bird found … Read More

Chasing the Aechmophorus

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Image via Wikipedia An Aechmophorus grebe (either Western or Clark’s) was reported today at Blue Marsh Lake by a local birder. Being only about 45 minutes away I jumped in my car and drove down to the lake, hoping to catch a glimpse of the bird. Unfortunately, I was not able to find the bird from the multiple vantage points … Read More

Search for the Western Tanager

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Sunday afternoon a post showed up on the PA Birds listserv stating that a Western Tanager had been found at John Heinz NWR. Not much detail at first but as people descended on the refuge to look for it they posted that it was a female and that it was being seen near the observation deck. Luckily for me, Monday … Read More

Vagrant orioles

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This has been a good year for orioles in Pennsylvania. A Scott’s Oriole in February near Harrisburg started out the year with a bang, see pictures here. This was the first recorded Scott’s Oriole in the state. The usual suspects for Pennsylvania are Baltimore and Orchard Orioles. Now, its December and there is a Bullock’s Oriole hanging out at the … Read More

Finally a Rufous!

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Number 266 for my Pennsylvania list, the female Rufous Hummingbird I was able to see in Berks County this past week was a delight. When I first arrived at the house that it has been frequenting for about a month now, the hummingbird was nowhere to be seen. I was treated to a lovely overview of its habits and daily … Read More

Listing in PA and the run to see the AWPE

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To start off with, I want to say that my Pennsylvania list is not really that impressive. Yet. I have been making great strides now that I have been spending more time in PA. I believe I was at around 240 about this time last year, and I am currently sitting at 257, with about 13 that I should be … Read More