Allegheny Front Big Sit – 2011

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This past Sunday, I held a Big Sit at the Allegheny Front Hawk Watch for the second year in a row. The Big Sit is an all-day birding event promoted by Bird Watcher’s Digest. The idea is to pick out a 17 foot diameter circle, and stay in it all day, counting as many species of birds as you can … Read More

State List map

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While working on some of my data for my grad thesis, I have played around with how to best visualize data using the stats program R. This led from one thing to another, and surprise, I ended up making a graphic from my state life lists. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what I can probably do … Read More

New eBird feature threatens to clog inboxes

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Just today as far as I can tell, eBird launched a new feature that threatens to clog my inbox. It’s not enough that they already send out emails of recently reported ABA rarities and birds reported in Pennsylvania that I still don’t have on my life list. Now, you can also subscribe to these alerts on the county level. This is huge … Read More

Goodbye Moorhen, Hello Gallinule

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Sometimes I am okay with changes, other times I am a little hesitant to accept things, and sometimes I just downright cannot stand certain changes. This is especially true when it comes to birds. For instance, last years split of the Whip-poor-will into the ‘Eastern Whip-poor-will’ and the ‘Mexican Whip-poor-will’; this was a great split and made perfect sense given … Read More

County Listing

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Birders keep lists- life lists, year lists, state lists, birds on a wire list, birds seen from the sunroof- it’s one of the quirky things we birders do. The way I see it, these little games keep things interesting through the slow periods in the winter and mid-summer when birds are less vocal and little migration is happening. One ‘meta-list’ … Read More

Idaho Highlights

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Anna and I have been working here in Idaho since April 4th. It has been a wonderful and bird-packed three and a half months, but now it must come to an end. On July 11th, Anna and I will begin our road trip down to Blythe, California, where we will be working for the remainder of the summer. For this … Read More

4 Day Birding Tour of Idaho

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I have managed to turn many of my friends back home into crazy birders. My friend Mark Markiewicz is no exception; a few years ago Mark’s brother Chris and I began going out kayaking along the Swatara Creek, that runs through Hershey, PA, often and I would always point out any bird species we saw. It wasnt long till Mark … Read More

Least Bittern- Berks County

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I picked my 314th state bird this afternoon when Justine and I stopped by a pond in Maxatawny Township, Berks County where a Least Bittern has been reported over the last few days. I was expecting to spend a good amount of time waiting for the bittern to peak its head out of thick vegetation but I lucked out; the … Read More

Toftrees Pond Great Egret

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Yesterday afternoon Joe Verica sent out a text alert that there was a Great Egret at Toftrees Pond. This is a species I was expecting to get this fall; they are more common in this area after the breeding season when they tend to wander quite a bit from their breeding areas. The egret was perched way at the top … Read More

Centre County Cattle Egrets

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I picked up another Centre County life bird today after Chuck reported four Cattle Egrets hanging out with some cattle behind his house. It was fun to watch these small egrets forage close to the car as I tried to get some photos. Cattle Egrets have had a very interesting history in North America. Starting in the 1950’s the Cattle … Read More