Olive-sided Flycatcher

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The highlight of a mornings walk around Lancaster County Central Park was the Olive-sided Flycatcher I found perched at the tippy top of a tree. I did not have my camera along so I took some shots with my phone, through by binoculars- phonescoping! They didn’t turn out amazing but you can see the vest like coloring of the chest. … Read More


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Three species of swallow were present at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge while I was there. The most common were Tree Swallows followed by Northern Rough-winged Swallows and Barn Swallows. The Barn Swallows were the most cooperative to photograph, perching on the boardwalk and not taking flight until I was about 10 feet away. Barn Swallow Tree Swallows were a … Read More

Middle Creek

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A couple of weeks ago I went to Middle Creek during the height of the Snow Goose influx. I snapped a couple of flight shots that I thought were neat. Snow Geese Canada Geese Northern Harrier Northern Harrier

Finally a Rufous!

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Number 266 for my Pennsylvania list, the female Rufous Hummingbird I was able to see in Berks County this past week was a delight. When I first arrived at the house that it has been frequenting for about a month now, the hummingbird was nowhere to be seen. I was treated to a lovely overview of its habits and daily … Read More

Backyard Finches

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For the last few weeks, finch numbers have really increased in my backyard, thanks in large part to a cool double sock nyger seed feeder that really seems to draw in both American Goldfinches and Pine Siskins. My high counts have been 32 goldfinches and 5 siskins at one time. The double sock stuffed with njyer seed really seems to … Read More

Superflight 2007-2008

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As posted on BirdChat- We are experiencing the biggest winter finch irruption since the”superflight” of 1997-1998, when many boreal finches went well beyondtheir normal ranges. The cause is the largest tree seed crop failurein a decade across more than 3200 km (2000 mi) of boreal forest fromSaskatchewan into Quebec. Today in Toronto, I had a Pine Grosbeak,Evening Grosbeaks, Common Redpolls, … Read More

Bird Migration Forecast

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Despite the much lauded launch of Cape May Bird Observatory’s, the most exciting thing for me on the site is the Mid-Atlantic Birding Forecast. When its updated, it provides a nice update on the potential weather conditions for movements of birds. David La Puma of woodcreeper.com is the guy who updates it and he has several years experience of looking … Read More

Migration tonight

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It looks like migration could be pretty strong tonight, check out the radar image below. *update* I went out and did some moon-watching thanks to the post that Woodcreeper put on the Jersey listserv concluding the same thing I did; there was substantial migration going on. I counted 60 birds crossing the moon in 16 minutes which is the highest … Read More