The American Kestrel story

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American Kestrels have experienced some pretty severe declines in parts of their range. This was most recently brought to my attention while reading Clay Sutton’s article ‘Killy Killy No More’ in the November 2011 edition of Birding. This article was perhaps inspired by the fact that American Kestrel was the 2011 ABA Bird of the Year. More locally, there was … Read More

Request for Photos of Birds with Bugs

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Dr. Doug Tallamy, Professor and Chair of the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware, is looking for good photos of birds carrying insects for a study he is doing in hopes of measuring the impact of invasive plants on insect prey available to birds. Here is what Dr. Tallamy is looking for in his own … Read More

First Few Days of Cuckoo Field Work

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Anna and I arrived in Blythe, California on the 14th and hit the ground running; the morning of the 15th we went to one of our most popular sites for cuckoos, the sites we call CVCA1 and CVCA 2 (CVCA = Cibola Valley Conservation Area). These sites border each other and create a rather large area of mass-planted willows and … Read More

What a Vice President Palin would mean for birds

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Image by bobster1985 via Flickr Now that John McCain has picked a running mate, Sarah Palin, it is a good time to take a look at what a Republican victory this fall might mean for birds and wildlife.  Endangered Species For some time now, the Republican party has not been particularly friendly to the conservation agenda. The Endangered Species Act … Read More

Donate to Conservation: Sharpe’s Longclaw

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The crew at has started an effort to raise money for a survey of an endangered and endemic bird in Kenya; the Sharpe’s Longclaw. The longclaws belong to the same family (Motacillidae) as the American Pipit and wagtails. According to BirdLife International, there are only between 10,000 and 20,000 Sharpe’s Longclaws remaining. The Sharpe’s Longclaw has an extremely restricted … Read More


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I spent an afternoon on the Conejohela Flats on the Susquehanna River yesterday. The water behind the dam was amazingly low, resulting in acres of mud. This benefited the birds by giving them more foraging habitat but made it a bit more difficult to get close looks at the birds. Least Sandpipers and Dunlin outnumbered everything else. A couple dozen … Read More